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Yes, it is totally free. You will never be asked to purchase anything nor will we ask you the credit card information. Our philosophy is that you should earn income via the online survey and not us. We ensure that there are no distractions like ads or banners. This provides a high degree of respondent experience when you answer surveys on Go Web Survey.

It all depends on the time you put on the task. We would like to be honest and say that it won’t replace your primary income stream, but will open a second income stream to help you take care of the rising expenses.

When you accumulate points, you can reach the minimum balance in quick time. Once this stipulation is reached, you can redeem your points against the gift cards from our reward catalogue. In order to redeem you'll need to have minimum of 5000 points in your account.

Points are awarded for every survey you take. Even the easy/shorter ones offer as many as 20 points. This can go up to 200 points depending on the survey topic or length. Every 1 point is equals to 1.00 INR.

When you have accumulated these points, you can redeem these for attractive gift cards, vouchers, and offers from major brands (both national and international).

Yes, as a part of our welcome gesture on your joining the Go Web Survey panel, you are rewarded with 500 points worth Rs. 500 as a joining bonus. We make sure that every minute you spend with us is a rewarding one. Open up a new income stream by joining the Go Web Survey panel. 


You can select a reward of your choice from our reward catalogue. Click Here to see our reward options.


You can simply click on the "Register" or "Join Now" tab and fill the basic information to become a member.

Becoming a member lets you take part in surveys and share your opinion. You can then start to accumulate points that are redeemable for rewards.

We ask for personal information such as your name, address, gender, birthday and employment status to better match you with the appropriate market research projects. This information is also used for the purposes of incentive fulfillment so that we may send your reward to the appropriate recipient address. Other personal information that you may be asked to provide to us is solely for the purpose of building and operating a worldwide proprietary database of panelists, in order to conduct market research studies on that basis and we provide your responses to our surveys on to our clients in anonymised and aggregated form.

Once you're successfully registered with us, we'll start sending you survey invites matching to your interest. In order to receive regular surveys, please keep your profile information up-to-date.

Survey lenghth depends on the study type.

We do a variety of surveys for many clients. Some of these surveys are programmed by us others are programmed by our clients and hosted on their systems. A major factor in technical issues is that survey respondents are using a wide variety of operating systems, browsers, Internet connection types, and hardware, and not all are necessarily compatible with the technology of all surveys that may be available. And, of course, sometimes, human error is a factor. If you encounter a technical problem with a survey, usually, if you wait a while, then try again later, the problem will be resolved. If you are still seeing an error after waiting a while, please report it to support team and note the Survey ID. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by technical errors and will do our best to get them resolved.

Points may vary survey to survey, depding on the difficulty level. But you can earn anything between 15 to 200 points.

Your Profile Surveys can be accessed by clicking the "Profile Information" tab at the left hand-side of the site, here you will be able to update "Profile Surveys". Profile Surveys are designed to allow us to improve personalization of the service we provide to you for completing your Profile Surveys. This means you will receive more, and better targeted, survey invitations. For 100% completed personal profile survey you are awarded 200 points.